with Greek tomatoes,
PDO Feta cheese
and green olives




preservatives or artificial colors

Let's cook

(for 500g pasta)

1. Ηeat the entire content of the jar in a small pot.
2. Once it comes to a boil, we mix it with the boiled pasta.

Combining extra virgin olive oil, juicy Greek tomatoes, feta cheese, green olives and all the flavorful ingredients of Greek cuisine can create a delicious accompaniment to your pasta dishes. The combination of these ingredients adds a touch of Mediterranean flair to your meal. Whether you're making a classic marinara sauce or a more robust tomato-based sauce with Greek herbs and spices, the result will be a satisfying and aromatic dish that enhances your pasta. Enjoy the process of cooking at home and savor the wonderful flavors of your homemade pasta sauce!

13 natural ingredients

• Greek tomato
• Greek green olives
• tomato paste
• virgin olive oil
• water
• brown sugar
• basil
• Cretan PDO gruyere cheese
• salt
• onion
• black pepper
• yeast extract
• garlic


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