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Provil is a leading Greek food company that develops and produces cooking solutions that offer unique taste experiences, guided by delight, convenience, safety, and modern standards of quality nutrition.

For more than 25 years Provil has been providing excellent ingredient and product solutions to help professionals in the food industry, mass catering and gastronomy, create classic and modern Greek specialties).

Today Provil proudly introduces to the retail, GREEK at HOME, a unique line of cooking sauces designed to help consumers create popular Greek dishes at home.

GREEK at HOME cooking sauces offer authentic recipes to cook in a simple way and experience delicious popular Greek dishes at home.

Each bottle contains all the flavourful ingredients of the Greek cuisine you will need, free from any artificial additives and preservatives.

Just add to meat, poultry or seafood depending on the recipe and enjoy the flavours of authentic Greece in your everyday dish!

GREEK at HOME cooking sauces are grounded on the unique ingredients and flavours of the Greek cuisine and are inspired by the great importance that good food has in the Greeks’ daily life. It aims to promote the taste and nutritional value of the Greek cuisine worldwide.

GREEK at HOME is the first brand to offer cooking sauces specializing in the Greek cuisine, which recently rose in popularity around the world, as other brands for Italian, Mexican and Asian cuisine have successfully done in the past.